Sunday, March 12, 2017

Tiny Baby

David sends me pictures and videos of Jamie while I'm at work. Usually the format of these is just fine - I can see the pictures and watch the videos without any problems. But one fateful day the video that David sent got compressed just right so that it was TINY, TINY, TINY on my screen.

Here is a screenshot of the video on my phone. Yes, that is a tiny baby in the middle if you couldn't tell.


Even after 25 years of writing my name, today I misspelled it.

Undies in the Plant

If your laundry hamper is across the room, right next to your hanging plant, better make sure your aim is good. (Refer to title).

Milky Milk

Little known fact; when you're nursing your baby while topless, it's hard to feel the milk leaking out of the other boob. Consequently, it leaks all over your pillow.

This has happened like five times.

Dad Onesie

When the onesie doesn't fit and your baby turns into Fabio, showing off his chest.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


This happens every single time I'm baby wearing while I eat.

That is a piece of food on his head.

Spit Up

If you walk away for like 1 second, your baby will spit up and roll his head in it.